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Based out of Nashville, The Northern Lights began on Nashville Tennessee’s Broadway strip, home of the best and strongest musicians on the planet. The band’s creators and lead singers, Garrett Thorn and Mike Godwin, uprooted from their home states of Wisconsin and Massachusetts and met in Nashville. Shortly after, the Northern Lights added newest member Chris Harrah, a Norfolk VA native, specializing in lead guitar while immediately contributing on vocals and songwriting taking the band to new musical heights.

Bonded together by vocal driven rock and sultry soul, the Northern Lights has tapped into the history of Music City USA with flavors of classic country sprinkled throughout. After thousands of hours logged in bars and clubs throughout the world, they have taken to writing and recording their own music, and are in the process of recording and releasing a four EP saga, showcasing the eclectic and versatile sides of the group.

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The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights

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